The Fear of Being Foretold

tarot spreadOne of the things that I never thought I would have done is a psychic reading. This was something that I always wanted to do when I was younger but never really understood what it could tell me about my life until I had one done shortly after my father died. There were things that the reader told me that were surprising and that only my father and myself would know about our relationship. There was also information revealed about other aspects of my life that were rather frightening.

The Beginning

When I met with the psychic, I could tell that it would be an emotional time. From the moment that I walked in, she knew that I had been close to my father. She knew that he worked with his hands and knew that my parents fought all the time. There were a few details revealed about what my mother would say or how she would act around my father and things that my father would do when my mother tried to control him. This is how I knew she was real. The reading wasn’t something that was faked.


One of the things that I worried about before my father died was whether or not he knew I loved him. She told me that he knew I loved him and that he was sorry for causing me such pain during the years when I cared for him. He thought that he took away my freedom, but he didn’t. I would do it all over again. She also told me that each time I see a feather, he’s thinking of me.

The Future

Something that terrifies me about the psychic reading is that she mentioned a health crises with myself in the future. This could be something that takes me away from my children. A few months ago, I found out that I have precancerous cervical cells, something that could turn into cancer if not handled quickly. I will never forget the reading, but at the same time, I wish there were things that I didn’t know.


Gordon Myers