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Goals and Objectives of the Office for Israeli Constitutional Law (Justice Now!)

1. To advance and promote the study, knowledge and public awareness of all aspects of the constitutional law and structure of the State of Israel in general and its special provisions and application in regard to the Land of Israel in particular, which make the Jewish character of the State its supreme and overriding value.

2. To publish research papers and studies on any matter of constitutional law and to make proposals and present critical analyses and provide legal advice and assistance in regard to proposed bills and laws, and court judgments and to participate in public discussions of constitutional issues.

3. To be a watchdog (guardian) for the Rule of Law and the application of this principle not only to the ordinary citizens of the State of Israel but to all those who exercise power in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government as well as the institutions of power they represent.

4. To expose and amplify the rules and principles of international law as it relates to the inalienable rights and exclusive sovereignty of the Jewish People and its agent or trustee, the State of Israel, over the entire Land of Israel, which was recognised and confirmed first when the Principal Allied Powers (Britain, France, Italy and Japan) of World War I adopted the Balfour Declaration at the San Remo Conference, then by the signing of the Treaty of Sevres and subsequently by the international approval given for the implementation of the Mandate for Palestine, whose original and chief purpose was to create a Jewish State in all of the historical Land of Israel.

5. To institute and take court proceedings including petitions, actions and appeals and exercise all legal remedies and steps needed to enforce existing constitutional legislation, precepts and norms and public law, particularly in reference to the Land of Israel, the values of Israel as a Jewish State and democracy, and all matters of public concern and interest.

6. To establish contacts and relations with any individual, group, party or organisation in order to promote the objectives of the Amuta and to enter into and conclude any financial transactions which serve the same purposes.