Psychic Source Review – Are They Any Good?

logoPsychic Source has been in business since 1989 and claims to be “the most respected psychic service,” and there’s a good chance that it is. It offers you a variety of psychics to choose from and has easy to use filters to help you find the perfect psychic for your reading.

Because Psychic Source has so many psychics available, it’s designed a system that allows you narrow down your choices by detailing what you are specifically looking for. You can filter by specialties, expertise, reading style and the tools, if any, each psychic uses. If you’re still struggling to determine which psychic will best fit your needs, simply call into its customer care specialists, and they will help guide you to the right advisor.

Psychic Source is serious when it comes to the authenticity of its psychics. Each applicant goes through a rigorous screening to ensure they are not only the real thing, but one of the best. Less than five percent of those who apply actually make the cut and are offered a position with Psychic Source.

Psychic Source gives you the opportunity to meet with your psychic on the phone or via a live online chat, which is a great option if you are nervous or hesitant for your first psychic reading. Psychic Source’s psychics will work with you to help your succeed and find happiness and fulfillment. They tap into your internal strengths to help you remove any barriers that are in the way to opening up new opportunities for you in life.

Psychic Source has a stringent psychic advisor code of ethics that all its advisors must follow. This insures that there are no gimmicks or scams and all of the psychics take their jobs and their gifts seriously to bring you the best experience possible.


The account system at Psychic Source makes it easy for you to monitor how much you’re spending. Each account shows you how muchmoney you have and how long you’ll be able to spend with your psychic, so you always know how much you’re spending before you begin the reading.

Psychic Source gives you a variety of ways to pay for your readings. You can add to your account with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. You can also pay with a money order, Western Union or Money Gram.

First time users at Psychic Sources get an introductory offer that includes three free minutes free. After those minutes, the first call or chat is billed at only a dollar a minute. After that, pricing starts at $3.50 a minute, depending on the psychic.

Bonus Features

  • Psychic Source offers its members a reward program that’s easy to sign up for. Once a member, you’ll receive occasional emails with news and promotions from Psychic Source. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll earn three percent in rewards dollars and get extra bonuses when you have multiple readings done.
  • Psychic Source has a multitude of resources that can help you with your first psychic reading. There are plenty of hints and tips to help you relax and ensure that your first psychic experience is a good one.
  • Another beneficial resource Psychic Source offers includes a list of psychic scams. The site informs you of what you should look for in a psychic service and what types of things you should look out for. This is a nice additional feature, especially for those that are new to psychic websites and services.
  • Along with the above resources, Psychic Sources offers a variety of informative articles on career and finances, health and wellness, life, destiny and meaning, loss and grief, love, relationships and family. They also have a regularly updated blog.
  • Psychic Source offers you a money back guarantee. If for some reason you don’t feel you clicked with your psychic, or even if they didn’t give you meaningful information, you don’t have to worry; Psychic Source will make it right.
  • If you’re on the phone with your psychic and you run out of credits in your account, Psychic Source won’t let the call drop. Instead, it has an easy feature to make sure you get to finish your reading. You’ll receive an interruption that gives you the option to do a quick buy over the phone for a specific number of minutes. This makes sure you can finish your reading without wondering how it would end.
  • Psychic Sources has a return call feature so that if your psychic is busy or unable to answer the call, you can set it up to have them return your call within a specific amount of time. This not only helps you get in touch with your advisor when you need them, but makes sure you’re not sitting by the phone all day waiting for their call.
  • Psychic Sources lets you tag your favorite psychics to a list you can later reference. This can be used when you’ve had a really good reading with a psychic and you think you would like to talk to them again. It also comes in handy when you find a psychic you think you’d like, but they’re not available. You simply tag them and come back later to see if they’re available.
  • Another cool feature from Psychic Source is that you get recommendations from your favorite psychics. If you’re looking for something new or in a different specialty than your usual readings, this gives you the opportunity to take the advice of the psychics you already know and trust.


  • One of the only downfalls to Psychic Source is that they don’t offer personalized horoscopes, either on the site or via email. This is a common feature among many top psychic services and a disappointment to be missing from this site. But, it must be mentioned, Psychic Source does have psychics that specialize in astrology, so if that is something that’s important to you, it does give you that option.


Overall, Psychic Sources is one of the oldest, most established psychic services online and there’s a reason it’s still around. With hundreds of highly screened and professional psychics to choose from and an easy to use filter system to find just what you need, Psychic Sources is bound to help you find the right psychic to assist you on moving forwards with your life.

Gordon Myers