Using Psychic Readings To Find Answers

astrologistPsychic readings aren’t like horoscopes. Horoscopes are based on factual data, such as the exact time of birth, and positioning of planets. But any given detail is subject to change, because horoscopes are generic in nature. If a person wants to know specific details about why something occurred in the past or what the possibilities are for the future, psychic readings are the best way to find answers. Psychic readings are a combination of the past, present and future. An honest and true psychic can tell the person the reason behind their life path or if they’re simply lost or on the wrong path.

Mystical or Scientific

People who request psychic readings online are usually well-grounded in the spiritual aspects of life. Because along with predictions, the psychic can offer advice how to avoid certain pitfalls or they can tell if a person is in their life for good or just serving as an obstacle to help them get stronger. Psychic readings are both mystical and scientific, based on previous experiments performed by world renowned psychics such as Edgar Cayce.

The difficulty for most people is determining what aspects of the reading are based on mystical beliefs and therefore are unexplainable and which aspects can be explained by scientific data based on research.

Selecting a Psychic

Because of the overabundance of cons and fraudulent psychics, great care must be taken when deciding to have a reading performed for the first time. Never just flip through the phone book and pick a local psychic based on the proximity. The psychic may be close by but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re an honest, trusted spiritual advisor. Most people don’t understand that psychics generate readings as a source of income. If you contact a psychic by email or telephone and they won’t answer a few basic questions without a credit or debit card first, this is usually a clear indication of fraud. A good psychic has a desire to use their gifts to help people.

Concluding Thoughts

When requesting a pay by the minute with a psychic telephone reading, stick to one topic and recognize people who are deliberately trying to avoid answering questions in order to increase the call time. Some psychic scams are set to get as much money from each client as possible by asking to become their spiritual advisor before they can help. Stick to basic topics such as career, love, family or a specific person who’s causing problems. Psychic readings can be a valuable tool in receiving correct information to help solve a problem or to recognize areas for improvement.

The Meanings Behind Aura Colors

palm readingsMany great works of art have depicted an aura around their subject. Some psychics claim to specialize in aura readings. The psychic Edgar Cayce believes that one’s ability to see auras diminishes with age. Cayce insists that children have a heightened ability to see auras. The color of one’s aura is supposed to reveal the nature of a person’s essence. A aura is typically divided into five layers which represent the health, vital, character, karma and spirit.

Auras do come in varying shades, and some shades of a hue are more closely tied to the negative aspects of the main color. But this article will focus on the positive aspects of each aura color. Here are the different aura colors with their ascribed positive meanings.


This aura is often very bright and is often associated with passion, sensuality and love. It tends to be more raw and primal than the other aura colors.


This color is typically associated with strong intellectual capabilities and sometimes unbridled optimism.


This color aura is often classified as a motivating color that is deeply rooted in a foothold of spiritual strength.


If an individual is described as having an orange aura they are typically very creative and possess artistic talent. This color is also deemed the marker of a courageous person.


The green aura is typically seen when an individual is nurturing and peaceful. Those who possess a green aura also tend to be compassionate towards others.


This is a calm aura that can denote a person’s religious nature. It is also the color of idealism and depth.


This is a special aura color reserved for those with the ability of a psychic advisor. People with this aura color tend to be spiritual as well as charismatic. This color is also a mark or regality.


People with brown auras are typically quite down to earth. They tend to operate from a place of logic and practicality.


Though this article is devoted to the positive meanings of each aura color; there are not any positive qualities that accompany a black aura. This aura is extremely rare and is witnessed in individuals that are prone to horrible bouts of malice and hatred.

People are often intrigued by the nature that is revealed in one’s aura.